Sendung 30/2003

Sendung 30/2003
vom 28.07.2003
Trüby TrioJaleo (rmx)Compost/PP Sales
South San GabrielEvanglineMunich/Indigo2.9@Astra Stube
The Mooney SuzukiThe Broken HeartsColumbia/Sony
KöhnWahbit RegghaeKraak
PinbackMicrotonic WaveTouch & Go/EFA
CrackerDuty FreeCooking Vinyl/Indigo
AcyaloneFind OutDeconstruction/Groove Attack
The Robokop KrausApes Aping ApesL’age D’or/Zomba13.9@Molotow
NikakoiTeen Soldier For Nika RheiseWMF/Alive
The FrenchVanessa’s BithdayToo Pure/Zomba
Further Seems ForeverThe SoundTooth & Nail
Masters Of IllusionBay-Bronx BridgeATP/Zomba
Boom BipClosed ShouldersLex
Sufjan StevensKillAsthmatic Kitten
Cat On FormBlood DrainedSouthern/EFA
The WarlocksStone HeartsMute/Emi
ManitobaHendrix With KOLeaf/Hausmusik
Miss HelsinkiI Felt Your Arms Around MeHouse Of Stairs/Cargo
Thee Ultra BimboosNo ReturnMotor/Universal
PianoTut TutZum Media
Justus KöhnkeIch Versteck Mich Vor Der WirklichkeitL’age D’or/Zomba2.8@Click
The Heavenly StatesThe Story OfFuture Farmer
Red MonkeyBloody MaryTroubleman Unlimited
The VeilsGuiding LightRough Trade/Zomba
Fern KnightWolf INormal/Indigo
The GlandsSoul InspirationVelocette
Great Lake SwimmersMoving Pictures Silent FilmsWeewerk
Great Lake SwimmersThree Days At SeaWeewerk
The Flaming SideburnsSince The BeginningMotor/Universal
The Rocket SummerWhat We Hate We MakeThe Millitia Group
SchtimmSuncotic DriveMake My Day/Zomba
Okkervill RiverHe Passes Number 33Acuarela/Zomba
Relaxed MuscleBilly JackRough Trade/Zomba
Butchy FuegoChanging The Public Imigae...Pickled Egg
GrandaddyThe Group Who Could’nt SayV2/Zomba