Endlosschleife 59

Endlosschleifen Übersicht

Guided By Voices 1993-1996

Guided By VoicesDustedVampire on Titus (1993)
Guided By VoicesWondering Boy PoetVampire on Titus (1993)
Guided By VoicesShocker In GloomtownThe Grand Hour (EP, 1993)
Guided By VoicesOff The FloorThe Grand Hour (EP, 1993)
Guided By VoicesMy Impression NowFast Japanese Spin Cycle (EP, 1994)
Guided By VoicesIndian FablesFast Japanese Spin Cycle (EP, 1994)
Guided By VoicesTractor Rape ChainBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesThe Goldheart Mountaintop Queen DirectoryBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesSmothered In HugsBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesYours To KeepBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesEchos MyronBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesAwful BlissBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesA Big Fan Of The PigpenBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesQueen Of Cans And JarsBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesKicker Of ElvesBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesEster's DayBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesI Am A ScientistBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesPeep-HoleBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesYou're Not An AirplaneBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesSupermarket the MoonBee Thousand (1994)
Guided By VoicesScalding CreekGet Out of My Stations (EP, 1994)
Guided By VoicesEvil SpeakersAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesWatch Me JumpstartAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesAs We Go Up, We Go DownAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesGame of PricksAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesA Good Flying BirdAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesCloser You AreAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesMotor AwayAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesHitAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesMy Valuable Hunting KnifeAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesChicken BlowsAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesLittle WhirlAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesAlways Crush MeAlien Lanes (1995)
Guided By VoicesDodging Invisible RaysTigerbomb (EP, 1995)
Guided By VoicesIf We WaitSunfish Holy Breakfast (EP, 1996)

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