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Moon River




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01. Moon River
02. Tiny Dancer


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Versus Audrey Hepburn - Single - Finn. SuSe

finn., one of the most contemporary singer/songwriter to date, releases a single with two charming cover versions. Both tracks are two favourite songs of Patrick Zimmer aka finn. and are already highlights of his live perfomances. finn. aspirates the vocals of both tracks like no one else and gives the listener an incredible shiver.

The song “Moon River“ is known from the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where Audrey Hepburn created one of her signature roles in Holly Golightly, the hard-living escort girl who wants nothing more than to find love.

"Tiny Dancer“ was written by Elton John back in 1971. The song received a huge boost in popularity in 2000 after appearing in a memorable scene in the movie Almost Famous, where it is played over the sound system of a tour bus and no one can resist the urge to sing along to the chorus.